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When it comes to beer – fresher is better, and nothing is fresher than locally brewed beer.  HooDoo Brewing Company makes beers of the highest quality from the world’s best ingredients.

Our brewery has been designed and built to brew classic English, German, Belgian and American beer styles.  You won’t find quirky names, or labels for our beers. We like to keep it simple – brew quality beers, with the best ingredients money can buy, keeping tradition in mind. While we are probably best known for our Kölsch or our American IPA, we have a variety of seasonal releases that just about please any palate.

Where to Find HooDoo on Tap

Our Rotating Selection of Craft Beers and Ales



Taste: Dry, Mellow, Oak

To celebrate the summer solstice in Fairbanks – a day lasting 21 hours and 49 minutes from sunrise to sunset – we filled two freshly emptied French Oak Chardonnay barrels with our Belgian Golden Strong and let it breathe into and out of the wood for two months in our Taproom.  This aging added additional dimensions of spice, vanilla, and wood.

ABV: 8.4% // IBU: 30 // OG: 18.4




Taste: Malty, Rich, Toasty

HooDoo Oktoberfest is brewed just once a year in accordance with Reinheitsgebot using all German ingredients.  Thanks to our unique German-style brewhouse, we can perform a traditional step-mashing regime to further exemplify the style. It has a rich and malty aroma that can only come from 100% German pilsner malted barley. With a smooth, clean flavor that only a fine lager can deliver, this beer is all about the malts.

ABV: 6.3% // IBU: 26 // OG: 15.3



Taste: Dry, Fruity, Effervescent

A complex marriage of fruity, spicy and alcohol flavors over a soft base of pilsner malt, noble hops, and Belgian Candi Sugar. Pale and demure with a beckoning sparkle and aroma, it’s dryness and drinkability is unassuming…and sinister.

ABV: 8.4% // IBU: 30 // OG: 18.4




Taste: Pear, Biscuit, Nutty

Considered an “everyday” beer in the Flemish provinces of Antwerp and Brabant, this sessionable Belgian Ale is focused on biscuity, toasty malt flavors and aromas along with fruit and spicy flavors derived from the yeast. Throw in a subtle, clean bitterness from East Kent Golding hops and you can taste why this smooth and balanced style has been a Belgian staple in Belgium for well over 300 years.

ABV: 5.6% // IBU: 22 // 0G: 13.7 

California Common

California Common

Taste: Caramel, Rustic, Toasty

A true American West Coast original. Full-bodied but sessionable, this beer has a number of unique qualities that come together in a delicious way. Toasty flavors create a stable base to support the heavy dosing of German Northern Brewer hops in the boil.
ABV: 4.9% // IBU: 48 // OG: 11.6

California Common

Cascade Pale Ale

Taste: Citrus, Grapefruit, Pine

Ah hops…the spice of beer. Each variety has it’s own flavor, aroma, and bitterness qualities. This sessionable ale has a lightly sweet malt base, supporting the beauty of the Cascade hop variety.

ABV: 5.2% // IBU: 48 // OG: 12.2

California Common


Taste: Fruity, Grassy, Refreshing

Brewed in the style of an English IPA from the 1800’s, our UK IPA is distinctly English.  A simple malt bill of 100% English Maris Otter malted barley lends the beer a complex but simple base that perfectly carries the distinct flavor and aroma of Golding hops. Goldings have been cultivated since the mid-1700s and are revered for their sweet, fruity contributions to English Ales.  Cheers!
ABV: 6.9% // IBU: 67 // OG: 16.0



Taste: Refreshing, Orange, Elegant

This style of Belgian beer has been produced for hundreds of years, and it all but died out in the 1950’s – until Pierre Celis revived the style with Hoegaarden Witbier.  A three grain ale consisting of barley, wheat, and oats, this light and refreshing beer also has a subtle citrus flavor and aroma, due to a cracked coriander and bitter orange peel steep at the end of the boil. 

ABV: 5.0% // IBU: 18 // OG: 11.6

Available to enjoy in the Biergarten, or to go in 5-gallon kegs and growlers.

Beer to Go


Take your favorite HooDoo Brew to go in a half gallon Growler. Refillable growlers are economical and environmentally friendly. Purchase one of our growlers or bring your own to be filled in our Taproom


 Have a special event coming up? Purchase a keg and celebrate in style. You can buy up to five gallons per person per day. Stop by the Taproom or call 907.459.2337 (459-BEER) for available flavors.


Our Kölsch, Stout and IPA are now available in cans in our Taproom. You can order ahead in our online store. Take home a four-pack of 16 ounce cans to enjoy at home or in the great Alaskan outdoors.