Belgian Tripel HooDoo Brewing Co Fairbanks AlaskaJoin us for our newest beer release that’s slated for this week. On Thursday, February 27 we will tap the HooDoo Tripel – a big, belgian beer that is sure to delight local beer fans. We will tap the first keg at 5:30pm in the Taproom.

HooDoo Tripel is a strong, effervescent ale brewed in the Belgian tradition. One of the strongest styles of Belgian beer, Tripel is deceiving in its light color, and inviting in its aroma and candy-like sweetness.

HooDoo Brewing Co - Belgian TripelMade with only the finest european malts, fermentable sugars are also derived from an addition of Belgian Candi Sugar during the boil. This sugar addition results in not only a higher alcohol content, but also allows the yeast to ferment the beer to a high degree leaving a clean, dry finish. Flavors from the yeast and malts compliment each other with peppery, fruity flavors dominating, and an occasional hint of bubblegum.

Stats: ABV: 8.3% // IBU: 30 // OG: 18.1