HooDoo Brewing Co. Bobby Wilken - Fairbanks, Alaska2300 miles. 50mph. We made it up the Cassiar Highway and the Alaska Highway in one piece. Well, our muffler is in three pieces, and our starter is in about eight pieces, so lets just call it a bakers dozen. Our malt is dry, no flat tires, plentiful beer, and good weather. It’s good to be back… Dr. Fermento called in curiosity…

From Dr. Fermento’s May 25, 2012 Foamy Rant
“I also got an update from the up and coming HooDoo Brewing Company in Fairbanks. According to brewer/owner Bobby Wilken, “things are going very well up here. We’ve got all of our equipment in place but still have a few major projects currently underway to get this baby up to speed.” According to Wilken, the pilot batches are all doing great and the brewery anticipates an opening “sometime” this summer.

Wilken and his crew just returned from a cross country jaunt from Seattle in the “new” beer delivery truck for the brewery. I hope to see this rig pulling into Anchor-Town sometime later this year delivering a batch of new Alaska beer to our locale.”