We are pleased to announce that we’re releasing an all organic Stout today in the Taproom at 3pm.

This special blend, brewed with local ingredients that were foraged all Fall and Winter, is truly unique. Earthy in flavor and smooth on the palate, this exotic new brew is made from the pond lilies, willows, and shrubs eaten by moose, then plucked from the landscape of our beautiful Boreal forests.

“We’ve been working so hard to collect enough scat to get the desired amount of nuttiness we wanted to create,” Brewer Bobby Wilken said, “We cleaned the turds and dashed them with sugar before lightly smoking them with black spruce, giving them a sweet, roasty goodness.”

The mouthfeel matches the appearance – thick. Flavors are dense. There’s a familiar aroma that compliments the experience.

“It’s fortifying, healthy and all-locally sourced,” Bobby mentions, “We’re making a beer that is truly Alaskan.”

HooDoo MooPoo Stout Fairbanks Alaska