California Common - HooDoo Brewing Co. - Fairbanks Alaska

New today, 12/13/14 – A simple distinctive beer – perfect to enjoy fireside while watching an after-lunch sunset.

Experience a true American West Coast original. California Common dates back to the 1800’s, but now we have it right here in Fairbanks. And yes, it’s delicious.
California Common - HooDoo Brewing Co. - Fairbanks Alaska
Full-bodied but sessionable, this beer has a number of unique qualities that come together in a delicious way. It starts with a simple grain bill of US 2-row barley malt and a variety of caramel malts. These toasty flavors create a stable base to support the heavy dosing of Northern Brewer hops in the boil. Instead of a citrus character, these hops lend to a woody, rustic flavor. After cooling, we inoculated the wort with our favorite lager yeast. Lagers are normally fermented at cool temps, but for the Common, we allow the temperature to rise into the Ale range.

Caramel, Rustic, Toasty
ABV: 4.9% // IBU: 48 // OG: 12.1