Hey Hooligans near and far – HooDoo was notified that we are one of 100 recipients of the 2016 Dream Big Small Business Award by the US Chamber of Commerce. This means that we are also up for a National Community Excellence Award (public vote).

HooDoo is not only the only small business in Alaska to earn this recognition, but we are the only craft brewery in the nation as well!

We’d love to bring it home for our industry, our hometown and beautiful state – but we need your help.

You can register and vote for us here: https://goo.gl/Qh5Bzy

Please note, there’s a small narrative box about why we are good for local business. You can use any of these if you’d like, or make up your own!

– A small brewing operation in the middle of Alaska can have major impact on a community from a social standpoint and as an economic engine.
– From the beginning, the business strategy has been to concentrate on building the beer culture of Fairbanks and keep the commitment local.
– HooDoo appreciates supporters of small craft brewing operations and their presence within and contribution to their local communities – from working with local artists on limited edition artwork, to local suppliers for ingredients, to boosting the local food scene by welcoming in food trucks and producers.
– HooDoo has played a strong role in giving Fairbanks a strong identity in the regional beer scene and local pride aspects to the Fairbanks community.

Many thanks and PROST from all of us at HooDoo!

HooDoo Brewing Co Fairbanks Alaska